About Majestic Collars

Hi, I'm Anne, and I am the person behind Majestic Collars. :)

I love dogs and have had dogs around me all my life. I cannot imagine not having a few dogs in my life; it would be very boring I'm sure.
I've had Afghan Hounds, Saluki's, Poodles, Labs, Greyhounds and a few other small dogs over the years. My heart dog was an Afghan named Briena; she's been gone for more than 18 years, and I still miss her every day.

I've lost all my greyhounds, Frasier was 9 and left in May 06, Phantom in January 09 at age 12, and my sweet precious Cali who passed in January 2010 at age 15. I miss each one of them dearly.
I just recently lost my Suger and she was the last of my greyhounds. Magick passed in May of 2011. Lulu left in March of 2013, Lynch passed in September of 2010. I've lost all the dogs I came to Arizona with. I makes me very sad.

How Majestic Collars started:
After adopting my first hound and looking for collars for him, I thought I could make him a few collars. I bought about three different trims and gave it my best shot. Some of my greyhound friends liked the collars I made and asked me to make them one. And that's how it happened.

Things have changed a lot since then: better sewing machines, small changes in the way I make the collars to make them safer for your pet, and the addition of hundreds and hundreds of rolls of trims. And as the years have gone by I have added different items to my site.

Each collar that Majestic Collars makes is made personally by Anne.
When each collar is constructed, the utmost care is taken so that the collar is not only beautiful, but well made for your dogs safety.

Each welded piece of hardware is closely inspected right before being
used to ensure that the weld is solid. Only solid cast or welded hardware is
used for your dogs safety.

My slides are cast slides, meaning that the edges are rounded for safety,
the flat sided slides also known as stamped slides, can cut webbing which can make the collar fail and place your dog in danger.

I use an excellent quality of thread to ensure collar safety. It's not only strong,
but the color will last and not fade like cheaper threads tend to do. It's resistant to dry rot and mildew which can cause collar failure.

The trim is sewn onto sturdy but flexible webbing for safety.
I use a modified box stitching, so my collars are safe and will hold up to
your dogs pulling on them. Sewing back and forth across webbing does
not make them safer; it weakens the webbing, and the chance of the webbing
snapping or breaking apart becomes greater.

Each and every collar I make is hand made with loving care and is never rushed.  I'd rather spend more time constructing my collars and know that they are safe for your dogs.

Happy dogs are wearing Majestic Collars, from Martha's Vineyard, to
Puget Sound, from Australia to London, and all the way back to Arizona!

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