1. See the pictures below. You can click on them to view a larger picture.
Always use a plastic or cloth tape measure to go around your dogs neck so not to hurt or frighten your dog. Including the weight of your dog can be very helpful as well!
If you need a collar that's larger or smaller than the sizes below, just send an Email or give Anne a quick call; collars can be made in all sizes.

Collar Sizes
Small 8-12 inches
Medium 12-16 inches
Large 16-20 inches

2. A martingale is a humane choke collar; it tightens gently when the dog pulls on his leash.  Martingales, except for many of the Princess Collars, are adjustable and all outer parts are covered with beautiful trim.
I've made martingale collars for Greyhounds, Labs, Bernese Mountain dogs, Great Danes, tiny Italian Greyhounds and many other breeds of dogs. I can also make collars for cats as well.

A side release collar is what most people have used for their dogs for many years.  It has a strong plastic side release buckle that is similar to a seat belt buckle.  It does not have to go over your dogs head when put on, but just put around the neck and snapped closed.
These collars are adjustable.

A tag collar is a very light weight collar with no "D" ring.   It is usually adjustable and meant only to hold your dogs tags.  It is NOT designed to be used on leash or to restrain your dog. Tag collars with breakaway buckles on them will release as a very small amount of pressure is applied.

Martingale Collar

Side Release Collar

Tag Collar With BreakAway Buckle


3. A Cleash is a martingale collar and leash combination all in one. Perfect for slipping on and walking out the door.


4. Decide on what product you would like, pick your trim and use the PayPal buttons on the trim pages to add the items to a shopping cart.
Another option available, you can email me, we'll give you your total, and you can pay by personal check or money order via snail mail.


5. We accept payment via PayPal, personal checks and money orders. If you'd like to use a personal check or money order, please email us before mailing. We do accept credit cards via PayPal.


6. Most orders will ship in 10-14 business days. Special orders may take 14-21 days to ship and sometimes harnesses may take a day or two longer to ship. Please remember if you are ordering over a holiday that the USPS doesn't have the same hours on holidays and that I too like to celebrate holidays and will probably be taking a day or two off from sewing.


7. If you need something special for your dog and don't see it here on the site, please email as we may be able to help you.


8. If there is a problem with your collar when you receive it, please contact us, via phone or email, immediately, within 3 days of receiving your collar. Swing tags must be intact on all products. Returns are made on a case by case basis. A $15.00 restocking fee will be assessed for all returns. Shipping fees are not refundable. Custom made or special order collars are not returnable. Please, if you have questions about a trim, email or call and I will be most happy to answer your questions. Also, you must be aware that different monitors show colors differently, again, if you have a question about a color of a trim, please email or call. If you are told to return the collar you received, please do so within 7 days.
If there is an error on our part with your order, please contact us within 3 days of receipt for a return authorization. Please return the collar within 7 days of receiving the return authorization. Returns MUST be received within 10 days of your receiving your order.

Please note that every collar you order is made when I receive your order. I do not pre-make collars. If you need to return a collar please note that it is never re-sold. All returned collars are donated to the local greyhound group or the nearest animal shelter.

9. We buy the best products possible. We keep safety foremost when buying supplies. We only use welded or solid hardware and each piece is checked before it's used in a collar. The webbing we use is strong, yet as soft and supple as possible. We use the best thread we can find, which is imported from Europe; it's strong, fade resistant, and mildew/mold resistant.


10. We support Greyhound Adoption as well as All Breed and other Breed specific adoption by donating a percentage of all sales. We send donations of products to non-profit groups whenever possible.

We have recently changed our policy.
If you would like a collar for your groups activity, the president or a board member must submit the request in writing via the USPS.
This request must be written/typed on current letterhead, with a copy of their non-profit status, the groups name, address and web site address, the presidents name and phone number, the name of the coordinator for the groups reunion (or picnic etc.) and an address to where a donation can be mailed and the date of your event and the URL from the groups website announcing the event.

After I receive your request, you will be put on my list and I will do my very best to donate to your group. Please submit your information at least 4 months in advance, even more notice is greatly appreciated and raises the chance of our being able to donate. If I feel that it's needed, I will follow up requests with a phone call to your group.

Once your group has been verified, it's very possible that an email from your president in future years will be accepted for donations.

I have donated more than 200 400 500 collars to groups and a significant amount of cash to rescue and adoption groups of all kinds through out the years.

Please send your info to:

Majestic Collars
P.O. Box 844
Pearce, AZ 85625

While this might seem like overkill and it is time consuming, it's necessary. Several vendors have had fraudulent requests for donations and have been scammed out of hundreds of dollars of items. That kind of theft takes away from the dogs and rather than not donating at all, I just want to make sure that the products are going where they will help the dogs.

11. We do sell wholesale; please contact Anne for more information.


12. The webbing we use is very strong, yet it's not stiff and harsh.
Some trims are more sturdy than other trims. If you have concerns, please contact us so we can make suggestions for the more sturdy trims.
We cannot be responsible for trims that are damaged from scratching etc.


13. Please see our Contact page for more information on contacting us!


14. And and all personal and contact information that you share with us will NEVER be sold or shared with anyone else for any reason.


15. We recommend you wash collars, harnesses and leashes in cool water with Woolite, Delicare, or a mild detergent. Air dry. Never use bleach or Oxi-Clean. Never put collars/leashes/harnesses in washer or dryer as hardware may damage appliances. Make sure collars/leashes/harnesses are thoroughly dry before storing.


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