Tag Bags and Tag Clips

Tag Clip
$2.50 Each (tc2)

This tag clip is great for most dogs.
It's lightweight and fairly short, and yet it is sturdy enough for most dogs.

Weight: 0.2 ounces

This clips comes in brass plate and nickle plate as well as black plate.


Tag Bags
No Trim
$4.00 (tb1)

Do your dogs tags jingling drive you crazy? Then this is a must have! Put your dogs tags in this pouch and attach to his collar and no more noise!
Current colors are:
Brown, Tan, Black, Dark Blue and Green.


Tag Bags
With Trim
$5.00 (tb2)

These can be made to match your dogs collar, they work the same way the above pouches do.

Trim Number

 Tag Wraps

These tag bags wrap around your dogs collar. They have enough room in them to hold 3 or 4 tags, and if you want to put a note in it in case your dog gets lost, with special info on it!

Size: 1.5" or 2"

All of this fits into the 1.5" and 2" wrap

Small 8-12 inches
Medium 12-16 inches
Large 16-20 inches


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